The Gifts of Perfect Imperfection

Perfect Imperfection

I let my dog Bodee out and was walking around the yard with him.  I feel that since my life is less rigorous in the sense of going to a work environment, I have had more time to break away and  have a stronger, relaxed sense of attention.  I notice all kinds of things, perhaps in a more depth-like way than before.  Some days are definitely better than others with this.  Mindfulness is definitely impacted by intentionally slowing down some.

I noticed the multi-colored leaf (image above), rusted with blended colors, darkend with holes in areas, yet so beautiful when it caught my eye.  The two little acorns sat on the ground many yards from the tree that they dropped from.  They were connected at the ends and somehow grew together.  I wondered how they got so from the tree, imagining that they were blown by the wind and toppled down the hill together.  Or perhaps the squirrels, who scramble about for these throughout the day, lost track of these somehow.

With all of this, I was captivated by the idea that these items were so imperfect, yet so poignantly wonderful.  When one relates this to life, isn’t that the truth as well?  It comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and experiences and, yet, perhaps the very imperfections are perfect in their own rite.  I challenge you to look for the perfect imperfections within your day and celebrate what they inspire or teach to you.  I appreciate your comments!


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  1. A wonderful blog… one of the biggest challenges many have is to be perfect… yet many allow this to hold them back from any growth … as you have to go through the journey of all stages in life to really blossom…

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Helene Mearing

  2. So beautiful, Suzanne! Thanks for the glorious reminder.

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