Synchronicity in Savannah

Savannah, oh how I learned to love thee
I so appreciate the synchronicity
That played out in front of thee
Perhaps, there are no coincidences in history
And everything happened just the way it was meant to be

300 year old mighty Oaks line the wayStories through Savannah Adventures
Many branches dangle with Spanish mossy display
Massive trunks and long waving branches outreached
Oh the history that took place in the shade of these trees
A day of sunny peaking and rain a leaking
I was ecstatic within me to explore the scenery

Twenty town squares centered with a sculpture in each
With names such as Chippewa, Johnson and Monteray
Exquisite mansions and businesses surround the place
People mingling, walking, jogging and enjoying their day

Wandering the streets, taking it all in
I find myself on the corner of the “Lady and Sons” restaurant
Paula Deen, a famous network star in these parts
The spontaneous decision came to me to check it out

I sat down at the bar between a woman and an older couple2014-01-10 13.08.41
Who knew that I was about to meet Rachelle?
She finished her order, saying,”fried green tomatoes”
A brisk chat with the bartender and in was my order
A plate with a mound of two items appeared
I asked, “What do we have here?”
“They are hoecakes and cheese biscuits,” said the female neighbor
And the conversation flowed from there
The day had just begun the friendship clear
We walked about the city inside and out
Full trust for each other without a doubt
‘How does that just happen with some?’ I wondered about

Down the stairs and rock walkway we went2014-01-10 14.17.26
Wondering about what this all meant
Searching the shops and walking the old bricks
So this is the river walk that we did not want to miss?
A candy shops walls were lined with colored flavored masses
Too much for us to choose
Tasting the warm Pralines, we had nothing to lose

Discovering a free ferry to take us across the river
A gaze back to see it from a different vantage, if only a sliver2014-01-10 14.58.59
Can you believe this is the 4th largest shipping port?
Not exactly like another that is for sure

As we made our way back into town
We mapped it to one of the oldest cemetery’s
Tombstones large and small
Broken, sinking and even fading
A place full of story, there for the making

We walked in the rain, talking like friends
Humidity took care of the curls and split ends
Full and bodied, I may have looked like a square2014-01-10 16.00.01
Despite it, we came upon the St. John’s cathedral with flair
Built in the late 1800’s, yet burned to the ground
Rebuilt in a time of amazing creating and magnificence
We walked in with a sense of strong sacredness
This church was dedicated once to, John, the Baptist
Walking so gently to the front of the chapel
Slowly spinning around and our eyes wandering gently about
Gazing up and down and all around
Bible stories etched in stained glass
Sitting in silence on the front bench aghast
Truly in awe of its grand elegance
Whispering of grace and more wonderance

Pursuing our walk down a block of colonial charm2014-01-10 16.43.04
We found ourselves stopped at a crosswalk
Our eyes captured a stuffed white peacock
It was displayed in a brownstone window
I have to say that I originally thought it was real
I had to get closer excitedly to photo capture
In the process, we met the nicest neighbor
Small talk lead to an invitation to view her mother’s grand old home
Good Housekeeping magazine would love this one
Original dark wood accents, floors and elegant chandeliers
High ceilings and the most beautiful wood carved stair banister
I imagined myself on the back porch, large tropical ceiling fans running up high
Sitting with a friend with girl talk and iced tea, oh my!

Taking in the stories was an honor we knew
Senior female artist friends painting in the studio on the top floor
Their chattering friendship lightly heard from afar
Creating their wares for the downstairs gallery
We wondered if they might be famous as we walked away2014-01-10 17.16.27

Every stop had a tale of its own, further engaging us in our own
We reveled at the fun that we just had
The day was bearing its end at the glorious Park of Forsyth
Darkness and rain through the hanging oaks could not be denied
Walking the path with puddles and shiny sidewalks

We were thrilled to have it mostly to ourselves
Reminiscing on our adventure and a hug at the end
We said goodbye and walked our different ways
Sadness and celebration for the friend that I made for this day
We are 25 years of difference in age
Yet this was not important between us
We may not see each other again and this did not create a fuss
Different paths, ages and lives
I would truly love to meet her all over again
And what say me?
Synchronicity, unfolded exactly as it was supposed to be

Wandering through Savannah and a synchronous unfolding that occurred.  No coincidences.

~ Suzanne Apelskog, in dedication to my new friend, Rachelle. ~

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  1. What lovely words! “Humidity took care of the curls and split ends” made me laugh. So true! It was delightful to reminisce about our happy adventures in Savannah. Thank you for sharing!! Xoxo

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