Telehealth Counseling in WA and MD (HIPPA Compliant, Face-to-Face)

I am a licensed counselor in the states of both Washington and Maryland.  I have worked in the human services profession, providing counseling services since 1994 and becoming licensed in 2004 in Washington and 2013 in Maryland.

I have my certification as a Distance Credentialed Counselor approved for training through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC).  I provide online counseling services to individuals and couples 18 years of age and over.  I urge people with high crisis needs to seek counseling more locally. Scheduling is easy and online through this link:

I assist clients to identify what they want to be better in their lives and then provide services that are tailored to their needs.  I identify myself as an eclectic counselor, coming first from a humanistic perspective and then bringing in strategies that assist with healing, problem solving or changes, whatever the situation.

I have experience working with kids as young as 4, up to elderly individuals.  I have worked with couples, family’s and groups.

If you are interested in my services, please email me at for more information.  I would be honored to talk with you to see if I might be a good fit for your counseling needs.