Changes with DSM-5: A Reference Guide for Counseling Clinicians. Training at your site or online around changes with DSM-5. Also available, DSM-5 Index Tabs. All training or products were created to make navigating the manual faster and easier.


Life’s learning is owned and administrated by Suzanne Apelskog, MS, LCPC, LMHC  For more information on my services, training or products, please email me at 


Counseling – Counseling with all ages (Washington).   I am a Distance Credentialed Counselor working with online clients in both Washington and Maryland States.  I am licensed in both states.  Set up an online appointment with me through etherapi at:

Clinical Supervision – With counselors working toward licensure in Washington State

Consultation – With counselors on a variety of business levels (e.g., sandplay therapy, starting a private practice, building a business platform, various therapy modalities, etc.)

Counselor Conversations – I facilitate and host counselor conversations with counselors in various community’s, agency settings, with associations, etc.  These conversations are tailored around creating a question around a particular topic and are formatted for philosophical discussion, active listening and problem solving, free from debate.  I model these conversations with a Conversation Café format.

For business:  I consult on a variety of business topics, offering Conversation Café discussions,  leadership feedback, creating a healthy work environment, team building, stress management, building a business platform, etc.


Training for Counselors

I provide training around a variety of topics related to counseling (e.g., Sandplay Therapy 101+ therapy, DSM-5 changes, visual journaling, business platform/development, grief, etc.) or business.  I provide this On-Site 0r through face-to-face online, Webinar 0r Group or Organization Teleconference.

I have provided training to some agency’s and private practitioners.  Some organizations I have provided training to, include:

* Children’s Home Society of Washington

* Catholic Charities, Spokane

* Passages, Spokane

* Hospice, Calvert County, MD

* Spokane Public Schools, Mental Health Counselors

* Home Builders of Spokane

* YFA Connections, Spokane  


Suzanne Apelskog of Life’s Learning has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6786.  Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.  Suzanne Apelskog of Life’s Learning is solely responsible for all aspects of the program



I have both created a number of products available for everyone and for counselors.  Check these out either my Etsy shop at:   Except for the artistic quote art, products can also be ordered through a paypal invoice to the bottom right of this page. 

Artistic Quote Art – I have created one-of-a-kind art with quotes of my own through Etsy.  Check out my shop at:  Etsy shop at:  

DSM-5 Index Tabs – Easily insertable 2 inch index tabs for the DSM-5 manual.  These were created to make navigating the manual faster and easier.  The Color stick tabs are no longer available.  Cost: $21.50 plus shipping DSM-5 Sales Flyer recent

Color-a-Doodle, Coloring Pages (Sets 1 and 2 pictured below in that order) –  I have turned my doodles into  2 sets of coloring pages.  They are printed on white card stock and are single sided.  The designs range from mandalas, nature, circular or 3d-like themes and inspirational.  Coloring has been found to be calming, can assist with mind distraction and with stress.  These are not a replacement for art therapy and counselors who use these with their clients should use sound judgment in using these as a part of therapy.


Set 1: $ 14.44  plus shipping                                                                Set 2: $ 13.33 plus shipping

 2015-09-19 10.30.24Coloring pages 2-2

Handlheld “To Do” List Eraser Board – I created this “To Do List” Eraser Board out of my own process of organizing the tasks that I need to complete in a given day, week or into the future.  It has assists me to compartmentalize what needs to be done and to prioritize.  I use this for work tasks and this would also be a good for home use.  Cost: $ 33.33 plus shipping.Eraser Board


“Caught Being Amazing” Cards (20):  The image below shows the front and back of cards I created to recognize another, at random and anonymously or purposely.  These can be used as pay it forward cards with people you meet and want to surprise by recognizing their service (e.g., restaurants, hotels, etc.) or with family, friends and employees.  Cost: $ 4.44 plus shipping

Caught for being amazing1

* Bulk order discounts are available with some products. Email me at for more details. *