Retreat . . . to reconnect, trust and find harmony

btn-fbSometimes stepping back, retreating if you may, is a necessity to reconnect, to rebuild trust and to find peace within.  Trust breeds faith that there is something bigger than you. Reach out for this and then believe that you have all that you need to navigate the world.  With trust, one must have an intention to let go, to know that everything happens in its own timing.  Doors will close . . .  move forward and look back only to learn from life or memorialize it.   Other doors will open.  Embrace what is being laid out for you and continue to have faith that what is supposed to unfold, will.  Through it all, seeking harmony with yourself and others with good intention in words and action.  And forgiveness as you quest a life of learning.

About Suzanne

My name is Suzanne Apelskog, MS, LPC, LMHC. I started this page out of a lifelong quest for learning on numerous levels. I offer numerous services, including story and inspiration for everyone, online counseling services for age 18 and over, clinical supervision, training and products for counselors and training and consultation services for business and leadership.

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