Retreat . . . . A Process of Clarity

Sometimes stepping back, retreating if you may, is a necessity to reconnect to self and others, heal wounds, rejuvenate energetically or to create a plan to move forward.   Retreat does not always have to be alone.  Sometimes, we may need to take space, while reaching out to those that support us.  It does not mean that we are inactive either.  We may pursue experiences that assist with finding a center again (e.g., journaling, exercise, gardening, vacation, rest, meditation, etc.).

I have found that in taking time (whether it be for a few minutes, hours or days), that I am reminded of so much that is bigger than me.  Problem solving gets clearer and I feel more relaxed.  I am able to come from a place of acceptance or an “inner knowing” that I can face anything that is needed, embrace the positives and that I have all that I need within me to to navigate the world.

With as busy as our lives can be and technologically overflowing for some, I highly recommend that we take time to (and prioritize in our schedules if necessary ) retreat fully and in the process gain clarity in the moments.


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My name is Suzanne Apelskog, MS, LPC, LMHC. I started this page out of a lifelong quest for learning on numerous levels. I offer numerous services, including story and inspiration for everyone, online counseling services for age 18 and over, clinical supervision, training and products for counselors and training and consultation services for business and leadership.


  1. Things get put in perspective when you step out of the fray of your mind for a minute and find your center again. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Retreating is actually VERY necessary. I am currently out of wack right now because I have not had a chance to retreat. For me retreat means, sleeping until you wake up without an alarm clock, having nowhere to go, having no one to call and not answering the phone if you don’t want to. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to schedule time to retreat.

    • Suzanne Apelskog says:

      Karin, my apology on the delay to your comment. I so agree about the necessity to retreat and in our busy world, sometimes this means prioritizing this in our schedule. I hope that you can find that time. As I read what you were describing what retreat is for you, I imagined myself on vacation. Lovely! Thanks again for the feedback.

  3. Retreat. I agree. I agree. I agree. So necessary at times. I find at times, I am forced to retreat unfortunately, it happens when I have worn myself to a frazzle and my body rebels. I have certainly learned to take time to smell the roses, to care for self, to turn off and disconnect.

    This piece served as a reminder. Thank you.

    • Hi Denise,

      I am glad that this served as a reminder. I think it is easy to get off track in our busy world. And there are so many good reasons to take the time. Sometimes, I have to stop and schedule it in. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. This is great, Suzanne! I’m looking forward to my weekend spiritual retreat in the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. Much needed as a counselor myself! Thanks for sharing.

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