Play the Song Within You!


The legendary cellist, Pablo Casals was asked why he continued to practice at age 90. His reply: “Because I think I’m making progress.”  Wayne Dyer said, "Don't die with your music still inside you." I am in awe of the simple musical metaphors from these two men, each teaching a little different stance, yet not.  I appreciate stories where … [Read more...]

A Wish From Me to You – As We Enter 2016 (Click Here)

From my heart to yours as we enter year 2016

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Perseverance: One Small Step After Another

Perseverance: One Small Step After Another

  I don't know that I had heard the term accountability partner until recently when I had an opportunity to join a small group of women.  Our focus is to support each other in meeting our goals, mostly around our professions, but in some way personal vision stuff too.  All of us have an intention to make a difference in the world.  I had no … [Read more...]

Ripple Effects: One Person at a Time

Making a Difference: One Person at a Time

I recently went to camp. I felt like a kid again, bunking up in a cabin, like it was a slumber party.  I over-packed my suitcase with all of the possible needs (e.g., flashlight, mosquito repellant, warm clothing, popcorn, s’more cookies, you know). We campers gathered to learn from each other, through readings, creative ventures and strong … [Read more...]

Inspiring, By Simply “Being”

I sit here reminiscing about the most gorgeously souled images of mentors, sages and generous girlfriends who have graced my life across time. Women whom I would be honored to model myself after and that truly have taught me so much just in their “being.” When I was a child (elementary age) and I had a rough day at school, I would come home and … [Read more...]

Fear, Faith and Letting Go: Seven Life Lessons

Life lessons gained from attending a wilderness camp.

  “The first summer I was scared out of my mind. The environment was all new to me. I was a kid from Alabama, getting ready to go white water rafting, with fast moving water and lots of rocks. “ When Lindsay was 15 years old and agreed to volunteer as a staff member at a wilderness bible camp in Montana, she had no idea what influential … [Read more...]

Worry Will Change Nothing

A mother's advice about managing stress while raising a daughter who has congenital heart concerns.

I have had the pleasure to meet Miranda (27 years old) through a military wives group that I started on Facebook soon after a move to my area. I began to get to know her through daily sharing and comments through Facebook.   I was most struck with what she shared about her beautiful family. I began to realize the great big love that she has for her … [Read more...]

Truth Prevails: The 10 Drawbacks of Lying

In my quest for learning, I have been reflecting upon the human choice of lying (or deceit) versus telling the truth. It is a presenting concern at the root of why many people (all ages) seek counseling. All kinds of instances of it are present in our media daily. Lying can take such a big toll on personal and professional relationships. When their … [Read more...]

With rigid rules, dare to ask the question, “Is this the humane thing to do?”

Is this the humane thing to do?

Theodore Roosevelt said it well, “Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.” Through a number of events that occurred in the last couple of days, I have had a fire lit underneath me and a wish to scream out, ‘Do we have to have such rigid rules people? What about flexibility and compassion? Can we think outside of the box just a little?” I … [Read more...]

Synchronicity in Savannah

Wandering through Savannah and a synchronous unfolding that occurred.  No coincidences.

Savannah, oh how I learned to love thee I so appreciate the synchronicity That played out in front of thee Perhaps, there are no coincidences in history And everything happened just the way it was meant to be 300 year old mighty Oaks line the way Many branches dangle with Spanish mossy display Massive trunks and long waving branches … [Read more...]