Retreat . . . to reconnect, trust and find harmony

Sometimes stepping back, retreating if you may, is a necessity to reconnect, to rebuild trust and to find peace within.  Trust breeds faith that there is something bigger than you. Reach out for this and then believe that you have all that you need to navigate the world.  With trust, one must have an intention to let go, to know that everything … [Read more...]

Today’s Daily Dose

"True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things out of each day as it goes by."  ~ E.S. Bouton ~ … [Read more...]

Features of the Site

Feature 1:  Stories, quotes and articles about learning that occur daily in big and small ways.  Feature 2: Stories and posts about "Grace Giving," defined as intentional random or not so random acts of kindness.  Feature 3: "Captured Beauty," an image chosen of simple beauty and as a way of reflecting and remembering that it truly is the small … [Read more...]