About Suzanne

My name is Suzanne Apelskog, MS, LPC, LMHC. I started this page out of a lifelong quest for learning on numerous levels. I offer numerous services, including story and inspiration for everyone, online counseling services for age 18 and over, clinical supervision, training and products for counselors and training and consultation services for business and leadership.

A Thought Shifting Question: What are the Possibilities?

“What are the possibilities?” This is a simple question, yet it is a powerful one.   This is something I ask myself routinely in my own life.   I also find this useful both as a counselor and clinical supervisor. It packs with it, the possibilities of creative problem solving, hope building and a grounding calm. It is not a genius or new idea. It … [Read more...]

Play the Song Within You!

The legendary cellist, Pablo Casals was asked why he continued to practice at age 90. His reply: “Because I think I’m making progress.”  Wayne Dyer said, "Don't die with your music still inside you." I am in awe of the simple musical metaphors from these two men, each teaching a little different stance, yet not.  I appreciate stories where … [Read more...]

Nurture the good thoughts!

What we focus on with our thoughts has the potential to sprout, grow and can guide us in our choices.  Metaphorically, if we water the weeds (negative, painful thinking, not seeing possibilities, feeling isolated and alone, etc), then weeds overcome our lives.  If we water the flowers (positive thoughts. looking for possibilities, gratefulness, … [Read more...]

A Wish From Me to You – As We Enter 2016 (Click Here)

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Dichotomous Musings of Autumn . . . and Life

A list of Dichotomous offerings from my walk this morning: My breath in the cool air and the sunlight beaming down. The field with frost and flowers still growing in my neighbors yards. The cool chill and the rush of warm air when I walk into our home. Chilly versus cozy. And lots of other wonderings about people, life and dichotomous natures. All … [Read more...]

Color-a-Doodle: Delight in the Essence you Create

Color-a-Doodle is a new product that I am offering for sale and tailored also to counselors. It includes 11 pages and the cover is a doodle too.  Color-a-Doodle can be ordered through my Etsy shop at:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/248719992/color-a-doodle-delight-in-the-essence?ref=shop_home_feat_2 Color-a-Doodle Pages are my one-of-a-kind … [Read more...]

Becoming Powerful Healers

The value that we place on the relationships with our consumers is also our greatest strength within our professional relationships with each other.  I recently met Steven Brownlow, Ph.D. through LinkedIn.  Through numerous interactions, we discovered that we have similar philosophies and he agreed to let me interview him about some of his most … [Read more...]

Perseverance: One Small Step After Another

  I don't know that I had heard the term accountability partner until recently when I had an opportunity to join a small group of women.  Our focus is to support each other in meeting our goals, mostly around our professions, but in some way personal vision stuff too.  All of us have an intention to make a difference in the world.  I had no … [Read more...]

Acknowledging Others: One Thank You at a Time

Thank you! I have been thinking about these two simple words and intentionally have sat back to “notice” how thankfulness plays out in the world around me.  I am in awe of what I observe with so much gratitude. If you take the time to be intentional and look for thankfulness, you will find it.  On the opposite side of things, I have been shocked by … [Read more...]

Ripple Effects: One Person at a Time

Making a Difference: One Person at a Time

I recently went to camp. I felt like a kid again, bunking up in a cabin, like it was a slumber party.  I over-packed my suitcase with all of the possible needs (e.g., flashlight, mosquito repellant, warm clothing, popcorn, s’more cookies, you know). We campers gathered to learn from each other, through readings, creative ventures and strong … [Read more...]