I have a number of philosophies that I live by, mainly in the way of values or ways of being in the world.  Some of these values were gained through my uprbringing and others learned through my own life experiences, as a counselor and then from a variety of other methods (mentors, reading, others sharing and stories, etc.).

Overall, I believe that life is about learning and that we all have it in us to become our best excelence if we are open to the daily and big learning that comes our way.  Life can be both beautiful and hard at the same time and it is navigating the waters during the most painful of times that can be trying.  The human spirit is resilient.  This I have been witness to, even in the most challenging of circumstances.  If we are not resilient, we may be choosing out.  We must embrace the good and relish in it.  And when the difficult things that occur in our life, we must continue to work to find faith and still find the good within this.  It is through daily lessons that we have the choice in how we utilize what we have learned to become stronger, wiser and more vulnerable and genuine human beings.   Without an openness to learn and shift, there is limited growth or life circumstances that may change.   Personal responsibility is at the core of my philosophy.  We must take full responsibility for our lives, our choices, behaviors, emotions, etc.   I also have grown to believe that we must work to come from a space of love and forgiveness, even in our most difficult of spaces. With all of this in mind, our focus must be to put ourselves at the highest good in our care and to work to be altruistic in our giving and teaching others as well.