My Story

It is simple really.  I was a little girl, who grew up in a town named Providence, Utah.  I aspired to be a “social club” director, photographer, interior decorator and to be a mother of 8 children.  Who ever knows where your journey will take you?  I would not have told you that I would be living where I am, have met most of my career goals as a counselor and be who I am today.  I also would not have told you that I would even become a counselor.  That just unfolded in the most natural of ways.  And Life reveals itself so graciously and perfectly  It is full of bumps, beautiful moments, love and pain.  I have learned that there is meaning in all of it and the potential to learn and grow from each others stories is powerful on its own.

I have had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world (e.g., Utah, Louisiana, Michigan, Washington State, Maryland and Guam) and each place that I have lived has opened up my mind to culture, worldview and ways of living each beautiful in their own way.

I did not become a mother of 8, although I have had the opportunity instead to parent one.  That role to a beautiful young man is one of the best gifts of my life.  I love being a mom!  Instead of parenting more, I have gotten to nurture and walk alongside so many people through my role as a counselor.  This has been so rewarding in that I have met so many amazing people and learned from them and love the connections I get to make.

My curiosity for inspiration came early as a child, as I began to be entrhalled by the written word and what it could inspire so briefly.  I began to collect quotes.  I have a plethora of quotes in my personal library.  A curiosity with my own self growth and interest in people drew me to the counseling profession and enthralled me with the power of the human spirit to soar, inspire and be resilient.  I have learned from clients in my office, supervisees who counsel them, from taxi drivers in Pittsburgh, fellow travelers in airports and on airplanes, from friends, mentors, reading, you name it.  I love the power of every persons story to inspire and to celebrate the lessons learned through both the beautiful and mundate.

There is much more to say about the details of my life for sure.  And my intention is to share with you my learning and what we can learn from others through this website, writing and all kinds of media.  Please consider subscribing to my blog walk alongside this journey of learning with me.