Welcome to Life’s Learning!  An exploration of life’s meaningful lessons from the simple daily and big life experiences as well as the follow your bliss moments.

In my work as a counselor, coinciding with my walk through life, I have learned that there are lessons that present themselves to us on a daily basis.  There is so much that we can learn from each other in how we relate in the world and to each other as well as our personal journeys.  I am inspired daily by the human spirit in all of its forms and the ability to achieve, overcome and persevere.  With learning never done and always the potential for self growth, this site will also be an unfolding of what I learn along the way.  Some of the goals for this site are noted below:

Feature 1:  Stories, interviews and daily inspiration geared towards daily living and some of it specifically for work environments nad the counseling field.

Feature 2: Stories and posts about “Grace Giving,” defined as intentional random or not so random acts of kindness.

Feature 3: “Captured Beauty,” an image chosen of simple beauty and as a way of reflecting and remembering that it truly is the small things . .  .


I am a counselor by trade and I am available to provide clinical supervision to Washington State counselors, provide counseling in Washington State (all ages) and Consulting Services with businesses, who wish to create healthier work environments.  I provide online counseling as an option to Washington State consumers and as a primary support to Maryland State consumers.  I also provide training on a variety of topics.  See my services section or Contact me at sapelskog@msn.com for more detail.

History and Work Experience

Professionally, I have worked within the human service field for over 22 years.  I have worked in an agency setting both providing counseling services to kids, adults and families and was involved with program development and clinical supervision for 8 of these years.  Additionally, I have been in private practice for 11 years and have taught graduate level courses at 3 different universities.  I have a passion for people, their stories and and a wish to inspire personal growth.  I have worked with kids as young as three and adults in their senior years.  I have also done couples, family and group work.  I thoroughly enjoy working with a diversity of ages and with groups, individual, couples and family work.

I have a Masters of Sciene Degree and I am licensed in Washington and Maryland States.